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Enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy: Reduce costs and make inland shipping more sustainable.

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Make use of the Sun

Save Smart
Save on fuel, shore power, port fees and generator maintenance. Enjoy a return on investment by producing free clean energy.
Go Green
Transport goods with the power of the sun. Reduce emissions and prepare for new climate regulations.
Enjoy Comfort
Experience generatorless days and nights and clean air. Provide a quiet environment to the crew, local residents and yourself.

Our proprietary technology

Highest Quality
Highly efficient and designed to be robust. The dirt-resistant and lightweight solar panels are designed for inland shipping.
Plug & play system
Acting as a generator, the solar hatches are directly connected to the on-board grid, immediately reducing diesel generator load.
Stackable & Interchangeable
Suitable for Friesche Kap hatches with low stack height. Interchangeable with existing hatches.
Profit and yield monitoring
Monitor each individual solar panel and see your yield and profit from the sun anytime, anywhere.

In pictures

Some examples

96 solar modules
8 trio hatches
  • Save directly on fuel and shore power
  • Experience what the sun can do
  • 9 500 liter fuel saving per year*
  • Small battery pack
110 Meter Vessel
264 solar modules
22 trio hatches
  • Maximum generator-free days
  • Minimal use of shore power
  • 26 000 liter fuel saving per year*
  • Battery pack according to use
135 Meter Vessel
348 solar modules
29 trio hatches
  • Maximum generator-free days
  • Minimal use of shore power
  • 34 000 liter fuel saving per year*
  • Battery pack according to use

* indication

About Blommaert & Wattlab


In 1978, Blommaert started with the design and production of hatches made of aluminum for inland shipping. Four decades later, they have become market leader. Blommaert delivers an extensive range of solutions for inland shipping, mobile roofs on land installations, and aluminum constructions for industry.


Wattlab develops custom solar energy systems. Wattlab's originated from the Vattenfall Solar Team, a multiple World champion team with solar car Nuna. Building on their expertise, they now bring solar technology to inland shipping.

Our mission

Our mission is to make inland shipping more sustainable while also creating independence for the captains and crews. In the coming years, we will see transport ships and barges sail increasingly emission-free. Which, even idle, can deliver green energy to companies and households in the neighbourhood. In this way, we are transforming inland carriers into floating solar parks.

Sunset with solar hatches

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